Jan. 10th, 2009

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I finished the entire series of Angel. Watched the last episode about 30 minutes ago. It was heartbreaking, but in a good way. I thoroughly enjoyed that show, but despite the not so happy ending, it ended at a brilliant time. If it were to have come back for a season 6 or 7, I think it could have only gone downhill from what it had achieved in its seasons 3-5.

The show was good its first 2 seasons and then kicked it up a notch and really found its stride come the 3rd season. I couldn't stop watching once I hit mid-series.

Season 5 did throw me for a loop though. Not my favorite season overall, though it tried to battle its way back during the last half. With Wesley's character, omg. I love the character Angel, but I think other then Cordelia's character growth, Wesley is the character that grows the most throughout the show. Completely different from when he first came in, and in way that you can completely be explained. And Fred/Illyria thing, i liked.

I just thought there was so much change...too much from the previous season, and all in one big smack. No Cordelia, Wolfram and Heart, Spike and not to mention the constant references to crap happening on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a show that I did not watch, well...not in its last few years. So these references and characters that emerged, I just didn't know where they were coming from. Andrew, the guy from the Watcher's Council or something...no clue. I felt that at the start of Season 5 I had missed about 4-5 episodes and had to catch up.

I wish that after having dug out of the shadow of its parent show, Angel should not have fallen back on so many Buffy pieces in its final season. And though funny, one of the last few episodes of the show has Angel & Spike in Italy chasing after Buffy. :/ Hilarious episode but *sigh* its Buffy again and right at the end of the series.

And fuck Buffy. Angel/Cordelia were such a good little OTP. gah! heartbreaking!

Sorry if anybody who reads this doesn't like Angel, but really...you should go watch it.


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