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Blah. I haven't been sleeping well at all. Anyway...

Doctor Who Recap Time!

Doctor Who:

I can't really do pictures with my post. I don't have time at the moment. :( :( And that really depresses me. Maybe I'll do a Season 4 Picspam sometime after my recaps.

4x04/4x05 - The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky: First off...MARTHA!!! I actually did a squee of happy when they landed and Martha and The Doctor have a happy hug. The Doctor is totally Martha's bitch, that's all there is too it. And between Martha and Donna he's got his hands full. ;)

This episode, first part of a two parter was alright. Martha, now a part of UNIT, calls The Doctor up and he comes a running back to Earth. Donna and he join up with Martha to deal with some genius kid who is using ATMOS to control cars and stuff. And apparently gas the world to death. The kid is working with a group of aliens called Sonatarans. They capture Martha and clone her apparently to try and get a foothold in the UNIT set up. Its apparent pretty early on that The Doctor can tell something is up with her. Donna gets stuck in the TARDIS up on the Sonatarans ship.

The conversation with her and The Doctor on the phone was hilarious. Gah...those two crack me up. And I must say that the conversation between Donna and Martha at the beginning of the episode was priceless. The Doctor doesn't want them to fight but they just end up making fun of him. Those two should have their own show, I say. I'm so glad the show didn't go into any weird and awkward bitchy women thing. Ugh, that would have just been stupid.

I also loved that when The Doctor put the gas mask on he references the Gas Mask kid in Season 1's "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances". "Are you my mummy?" *hugs the show*

The part when Donna's grandfather gets trapped in the car was tense and sad. But after a few seconds my boyfriend says, "Just break the damn window!" And then I think..."Yeah...Break the damn window!" but said out loud "That's too simple for The Doctor to think of." Instead he runs out to the middle of the road and looks around...? What was that about? Yeah, run to the middle of the road why the poor man dies in the car. *sigh* Eventually someone with sense, Donna's mother, comes out and breaks the window.

And after the TARDIS gets taken The Doctor kind of has a freakout about how he's stuck on Earth, like a normal person and how sucky that is. But you'd think after the TARDIS being stolen so many times he'd kinda get used to it by then.

I don't have much to say on the plot of these two episodes. I wasn't too impressed with the whole thing. It was entertaining but not the best story. Why is it usually these middle of the season 2 parters that are usually the weakest of the season?? I thought for a second that Season 1 was different but I remember had that two parter with the farting aliens. *sigh* lol

I would say they didn't quite utilize Martha to full potential. Well, I mean there isn't much more they could do with her if they had to bring her in, cause its Donna's season, in my opinion. She's the new main companion...and saying that, she didn't do much this episode. Except take down a Sonataran. EPIC! I am glad to see Martha again though, and letting us know she's just perfectly fine out there in the world. Trying to make it better the best way she knows how. The Doctor accuses her of becoming like a soldier, violent. But she assures him she's trying to change it from the inside. Go Martha, with your Angel vibe. And I am a bit creeped out that she apparently DID find that doctor from last season. Did she stalk him until he fell in love with her, what? lol

The Doctor: Come on. Come on, we're going to the country. Fresh air and geniuses! What more could ask for?
Donna Noble: I'm not coming with you. I've been thinking... Sorry, I'm going home.
The Doctor: Really?
Donna Noble: I've got to.
The Doctor: Well, if that's what you want. It's a bit soon. I had so many places I wanted to take you. The fifteenth broken moon of the Medusa Cascade, the lightning skies of Cotter Palluni's World, the diamond coral reefs of Kataa Flo Ko. Thank you. Thank you, Donna Noble, it's been brilliant. You've saved my life in so many ways. You're... you're just popping home for a visit, that's what you mean?
Donna Noble: You dumbo.

General Staal: An intruder!
The Doctor: An intruder? How'd he get in? Intruder window.

4x06 - The Doctor's Daughter: I enjoyed this episode. And what do ya know, and extra little excursion with Martha along for the ride. *squee claps*

By a weird TARDIS moody moment it decides to go off on its own, taking Martha along against her will. I think the TARDIS just likes Martha, doesn't want her to leave again. It would be a fun time with The Doctor, Donna and Martha off on adventures.

When they land and investigate they're swooped up in the action. The TARDIS and Martha get trapped on one side of a tunnel with The Doctor and Donna on the other side. The Doctor is forced to stick his hand in some machine and it apparently makes a person based on his DNA or some such. The Doctor now has a daughter, of sorts. This is also the first moment I suspected a cloning of The Doctor would happen. But actually the reasons for my assumption had nothing to do with how/why it eventually happened. I wasn't quite spoiled to the point of knowing that there will eventually be two Doctors. But the hand scar and there being a hand on the TARDIS I immediately thought they were going to clone him. Like in Farscape when John gets cloned and they give one of the clones a scar on his face. That's what I thought but apparently the scar in the end was absolutely useless.

Anyway...there are two races on the planet fighting. For how long? Who knows. For generations. Turns out...they've been fighting for like a week. haha. But with the making new people through DNA its been generations for them. Martha helps the fish people and makes a lovely friend who saves her life. :( I was sad to see that guy die. Poor fish man. And Donna and The Doctor start helping the humans but eventually venture off on their own along with The Doctor's daughter, Jenny. The Doctor doesn't really buy that she's his daughter, just a soldier that was made from him. Eventually she proves him wrong. That she's not just a soldier. And he entertains the idea of having a daughter. :)

Buuuuut...She gets shot, and The Doctor mourns her. He ends the little war between the people and the fish people and lets them start their new world in peace. The Doctor, Donna and Martha depart the world not knowing that apparently Jenny wasn't dead. She survived and ventures off in a rocket, wanting to see the stars and planets.

I do have to ask...if she took on his Time Lord ability to regenerate...which is what I would think it would have to come she didn't get a new appearance? Unless there's something I missed.

4x07 - The Unicorn and the Wasp: I loved this episode. It was cracktastic. Giant Wasps, A clue style Murder Mystery, Poisoned Doctor, DoctorDonna Kiss and just all around FUN.

I can't really tell you what actually happened in this episode. At the moment that's really all I can remember of it. That there was a huge wasp and The Doctor was playing detective with Agatha Christie and that The Doctor and Donna were fantastic. I dunno. I know I was entertained and that's all that matters, right?

The scene where The Doctor gets poisoned and is trying to cure himself is hilarious. Donna trying to figure out what he needs and freaking out and getting his charades wrong. Ookay. I have to put up a couple pictures from that scene cause it just made me laugh too hard.

4x08/4x09 - Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead: These episodes were beautiful. Just beautiful. I have two complaints/problems with these two episodes.

1. Donna. Though played wonderfully by Catherine Tate, I felt she provided nothing to the story. She got trapped in the computer world and ended up just getting confused but never really wanted/tried to get free which upset me. I know they needed her caught in that world to help explain it but once things started to unravel in her mind about her reality I was hoping for her to put up some sort of fight against it. But she actually did the opposite and seemed to try and hold on tighter to the false reality. Maybe that was saying something about her character, that she's really not confident in herself? I don't know. I think of Donna as stronger then that. *shrug*

2. River Song. Unless I forgot something, she seems to recognize The Doctor. She recognizes his physical appearance though she comments that he looks so much younger. But how can she recognize him if she is from his far off future where he is most definitely going to be in a new regeneration and look entirely different? I might have missed something though. But I guess she could have just been commenting on it because The Doctor she knows is an older looking man? or just that he seems younger in his presence.

But overall the episodes were fantastically done. Lovely supporting casts, once again. *hugs them* And I loved Donna and her being nice to the stupid girl. The scene where the girl fades away and they are really listening to her die is so sad. And she asks to speak with Donna, the nice woman. I teared up, I admit it.

And what they did with The Doctor and River Song...was beautiful. We know nothing about this woman or how she knows The Doctor but in the end I felt such a sadness for her and for The Doctor. And then an overwhelming joy at his cleverness in saving her. There definitely is only one reason he'd give someone his sonic screwdriver. ;) David Tennant and Alex Kingston...Brava! Lovely lovely acting.

The Doctor: This must be the biographies. I love biographies.
Donna Noble: Yeah, very you. Always a death at the end.
The Doctor: You need a good death. Without death there'd only be comedies. Death gives us size.

The Doctor: I'm a time traveler. I point and laugh at archeologists.

River Song: If he dies, I'll kill him!

Donna Noble: How about you, are you alright?
The Doctor: Oh, I'm always all right.
Donna Noble: Is "All right" special time-lord code for... not really all right at all?
The Doctor: Why?
Donna Noble: Because I'm alright too.

In conclusion of these episodes...some of them made me cry a little. I miss Martha all over again. *sigh* And Catherine Tate entertains the hell out of me.

Gah, I feel really crappy about doing this without pictures. They make me happy. I really do them for myself cause when I look at the pictures it brings back the episode and the lovely moments of each.

And does anybody have or know where I can find epic music that plays a lot during Doctor Who's Season 3. Its playing during the mid season upcoming and plays when the Professor is realizing the watch he is something and ends up turning into The Master and also plays in the finale when the Toclafane are flying around and after The Doctor and The Master port off the ship, I believe. I want that music. So much.

Even if you just know what its called or something so I can look it up, it'll be a huge help. :)

Found it!! Thank you [ profile] tempertemper77
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