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Ok, Ok. I'm just going to post my silly fanvid. Cause if I don't I'm going to stab myself. And probably just keep getting angry at it and editing it to the point that its just nonsense and wrong and then I'll cry cause its nowhere near what my mind envisioned.

You see how these things can get out of hand so quickly?

Title: Just One Trip
Fandom/Characters: Doctor Who, Tenth Doctor/Martha Jones
Description: It started out being Just One Trip, One Night. But everything escalated from there. In their adventures and journeys together a friendship and love grew. :)
Music: Heartbeats by The Knife
Spoilers: Through mid Season 4, I guess.
Disclaimers: I own nothing related to Doctor Who or its characters. I own nothing to do with the song "Heartbeats" or the band The Knife.
Thanks so much to [ profile] 65pigeons who gave this a few look overs. This video turned out so much better because of your input. Thank you, thank you, a million times over.

I had to upload to LiveVideo because apparently Youtube didn't like the music. The quality suffers a bit in this streaming version. I'm sorry.

But if you like the video or want to watch a better quality version, here are a couple downloads. 59MB .wmv files.

-- Just One Trip (Megaupload)
-- Just One Trip (Sendspace)

Please comment if you like it. And if you don't like it...then know...don't comment. Unless you have some lovely constructive criticism. I'm always open to that. I know this video is not perfect and I am in no way a talented vidder, so don't be harsh.

Now I'm going to go run off and hide for awhile.

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