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Everybody just posted a bunch of "Princess and the Pear" icons right as I was finishing mine up and now I feel like I'm on a big bandwagon. lol *jumps onto the wagon* YAY

Angel: 63
Bones: 73 *SPOILERS* 4x15 : Princess and the Pear
Farscape: 19
Request: 3 [ profile] cape_in_hand


Icons of Back Cracking FUN! )

I apologize, but I wasn't feeling very creative with text over the last couple days. So the Bones ones, especially don't have a lot of text. But I never think of myself as that clever with text anyway, so maybe that's a PLUS! :) :)
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ICONS!! This is a kinda large group. I kinda went icon crazy. haha That's what happens when you have insomnia. Shouldn't be any real spoilers in here. Unless you're just really behind on any of these shows.

Angel: 43
Bones: 57
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 29
Burn Notice: 13


Icons of Scary Clowns )

And is anybody else noticing that I like a lot of shows that start in the first couple letters of the alphabet. Hmmm...maybe that's a medical condition I should get checked out.
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Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] lisaofdoom gave me Y:

-- The Faint - Your Retro Career Melted
-- Gogol Bordello - Your Country
-- The Matches - You (Don't) Know Me
-- The National - You've Done it Again, Virginia
-- Crooked Fingers - You Must Build a Fire
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ICONS! Another group. I was planning on making an organized love filled group of Angel only icons. But half way through the Angel batch the new Bones episode aired. And I just had to icon. And now post.

Bones icons are from the new episode, Hero in the SPOILER ALARM! :)

Angel: 55
Bones: 35 (Hero in the Hold) *SPOILERS*


Icons of Superhero Belt Buckles! )
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And this week we have a strange assortment of music. Just some stuff that has been on constant loop in my Winamp.

-- Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (IMISSMYJUNO Remix) : I cannot stop playing this. Its the hypnotic awesome of it!
-- The Sun - We Tried : I find this band to be quite promising. I love the album, Blame it on the Youth. I'd post the whole album but I'm lazy. This song is one of the stand outs to me but I always battle on if its my fav from the album or a few others.
-- The Sun - Lose Your Money : A different attitude then "We Tried". But just as great, in my opinion.
-- Brendan James - The Sun Will Rise : Don't remember where I first came across this song. But its lovely.
-- Fall Out Boy - (Coffee's for Closers) : Again, Fall Out Boy has gotten to me. Those bastards! This song is awesome. Listen to it.
-- Metric - Combat Baby : Has been a fav of mine for a long while now.
-- Frankmusik - In Step : This song has repeated on my winamp like 100 times today. It makes me move.
-- She Wants Revenge - I Don't Wanna Fall in Love : Dark but catchy with a beat. Perfect.
-- The Pierces - Secret : Heard this in a promo for last season of Dexter. It fit the show so well. The song is eerie and fun in a dark way. Just like Dexter.
-- Shawn Clement & Sean Murray - Anything (feat. Cari Howe) : From the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Soundtrack. The song that's playing during a dream Buffy has in which Drusilla kills Angel. When watching the episode this song stood out to me and I love it. So beautiful and kind of haunting.
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ICONS! Lots of these icons may contain spoilers for some people. From the new episodes of 30 Rock and Bones.

30 Rock: 13
Angel: 16
Bones: 74


Icons of Circus Love )
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I'm bored and I was watching the new episode of Flight of the Conchords and then started listening to all their songs from their last season and live show. Decided to share some cause everybody needs to laugh.

Flight of the Conchords are two guys from New Zealand, a Comedy Musical Duo. They have a show on HBO where the integrate their songs and other comedy together. One of the funniest shows on televison, in my opinion.

Flight of the Conchords:

-- Sugah Lumps : From the newest episode.
-- Business Time : Oh Its Business Time! Most people's favorite Flight of the Conchord song. Hilarious
-- If You're Into It : <--Genius
-- Think About It, Think Think About It : Everybody needs to hear this one if they had to choose just one.
-- Prince of Parties : I don't think this song even made sense in the show but it was Hilarious and just listening to it today made me crack up.


Jan. 24th, 2009 11:32 pm
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Flight of the Conchords is back!!! Since I don't have HBO I had forgotten the season premiere was this last Sunday. Those guys are too funny.

"There are angels in the clouds...doing it."

30 Rock was fantastic this week! last week's episode seemed I don't know why really. It had its funny moments. But all the characters seemed separate. This week's was back to Jack/Liz and Tracy & Kenneth! lols. Jenna and Frank/writers were top notch funny as well.

I re-watched the Bones episode "Fire in the Ice" earlier. And if Hodgins and Wendell are not the cutest thing then I don't know what is. Pick Wendell you damn people in charge of things like that! Not to belittle the wonderful cute that was Hodgins and Zach...but if I can't have Zach, I will have Wendell! He thinks he's one of Booth's People! What's not awesome about that?? If I get another episode with Nigel-Murray just spouting random facts I'll cry. I'll cry sad tears of sad.

I'm off to take aspirin. I've had a terrible caffeine headache all day. I needs me some soda. blarg!
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Icons!! My first icon post on this journal. Exciting. This batch isn't very large and not done really, but I need to post them because I'm probably going to be iconing the new episode of Bones and I don't want to put spoilery icons in with these. So no spoilers!!! Yay!

Angel: The Series: 4
Bones: 23


Icons of B&W Love )

x-posted on my icon journal: [ profile] lowdownbeat

And OMG! Looky at my icon! Haven't made a real animated icon in a LOOOONG time but [ profile] leviathan101 made one of that scene and I just couldn't not try my hand at it. This being the reason I had to post the other icons now. "Double Trouble in the Pandhandle" & "Fire in the Ice" is getting iconned!

To the Adobe!!
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I wish I knew more about coding and such to make a kickass lj layout. I was using a premade one there for a month or so but it wasn't quite working for me. So now I just have a normal old one.

I'm thinking that I might not continue to post my icons over on [ profile] lowdownbeat but put them here instead. For the most part I just keep that journal up and running because I like the name. :)

And I totally just got the new Bones episode "Fire in the Ice" downloaded so I can watch the pretties anytime I want. bwahahahaha!

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Apparently tonight's episode of 30 Rock, "Retreat to Move Forward", was directed by Steve Buscemi.

LOL! brilliant.

Watched first 5 minutes...Lemon/Jack are so adorable. Off to watch rest of episode


Jan. 22nd, 2009 11:32 pm
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Spoilers and such below: Sorry, can't help it. I'm *squeeing*

That second episode of Bones, "Fire in the Ice", melted me into a fangirly puddle of *squee*. haha. Too cute for words. and finally Sweets is digging more at Booth's father issues. Booth's apartment! Booth and Brennan in Booth's apartment! HAHA! Wendell the intern is my favorite. Gah, settle on him already please! Hodgins likes him too! They went on an out of lab adventure!! And Brennan was too adorable with not understanding to encourage Wendell and running onto the ice after Booth went down. And the end, ice skating...subtle much Booth? He was all over Bones.

But I don't know what to make of these Booth hallucinations. Ok. Concussion. Alright. But he's supposed to have some kind of hallucination/imaginary friend from his army ranger days in "Hero in the Hold" too. A show that has never done the "look into characters thoughts" thing is all of a sudden throwing in Booth's inner a way. don't know about this.

I have a guesstimate on who Hodgin went on a date with. teeeheeeeheee. Not sure if I like it though.

Burn Notice: It definitely is a shadow compared to the awesomeness that was Bones tonight. But still a good episode. He was blown up and he's a mad!

I'm not used to watching either of these shows with commercials so I was a little thrown off. lol. but I couldn't wait.
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2 episodes of Bones, Burn Notice and 30 Rock! and Emily Deschanel was on Ellen earlier. Gah! *crushes* <3 <3 <3

I'm going to have to miss 30 Rock and watch it when it goes online though. :( :( Very sad that I no longer have a DVR.

But still! !!!! I is an excited little tv watcher.
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Oh noes.

I thought I had escaped Fall Out Boy since I moved away from Katie. But it seems I could not get away. That little cover I downloaded last night pushed me to download some more Fall Out Boy. Now I'm dancing around in FoB shame. hahaha

They were and will always be a guilty pleasure. I don't care what anybody says or who you talk to!

I've been trying all day to find a program that will make good screencaps from shows I have on my computer. I can do excellent ones from shows I have on DVD. But I don't have everything I want screencaps from on DVD. :(

I started wearing earrings again yesterday. I haven't worn any in about 2 years. Now my ears are sore.


Jan. 21st, 2009 03:19 am
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I'm in a very musical mood. I went about getting a lot of music today and just listening. I give you some.

Zee Music!

--Fall Out Boy (feat. John Mayer) - Beat It (cover) : I just now listened to this song for the first time since I downloaded. bwah! Its awesome!!
--The Matches - Wake the Sun : This song just makes me sing along.
--Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko : This was a song that I couldn't get enough of a few months back and after finding it again today, its still the same. I can't get enough of it.
--Baz Luhrmann Presents - Happy Feet (High Heels Mix) : Another one that I couldn't stop playing a while back and it stands the test of time. I still LOVE it.
--Michael Buble - Feeling Good : Great Voice. James Bond Theme Feel. Goodness.
--Susan Enan (Feat Sarah Mclachlan) - Bring on the Wonder : Bones Original Television Soundtrack. Beautiful Beautiful song. Odd that a show that is for the most part pretty damn Hilarious and, light hearted in a strange way, that the soundtrack would be so full of beautiful.
--Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted to Dance : Contrary to the makes me want to dance. hehe. Loud and fun, like a lot of Mindless Self Indulgence songs.
--Juanes - A Dios La Pido : Spanish. I have no idea what the lyrics are or even what the title means. But this song makes me happy, so I'm probably better of not knowing. Its probably offensive. lol :p
--Gogol Bordello - American Wedding : Fun Fun and Funny song! Gogol Bordello is probably the most energetic band ever.
--April March - Chick Habit : This was on the soundtrack to Tarantino's "Death Proof" I believe. and if you listen to it you will definitely understand the usage that Tarantino gave it. This song is the AWESOME! even if you hate Tarantino, have to give him credit for picking some twisted fun music.

that's the end of this music spam. Its an eclectic mix, I know. But these are 10 songs of major FANTASTICNESS.

In other news. I cheated and saw the new episode of Bones - "Double Trouble in the Panhandle"! OOOh! sooo funny and cute. I don't feel too bad about watching it early because 1: The show is on Fox and I'm not used to watching shows with 30 minutes of commercials advertising the channel their on. 2. There's a 2nd episode of Bones on Thursday after "Double Trouble..." So I still get new stuff. :) :) And then there's a new episode of Burn Notice. Apparently Thursday is my television night. lol
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Hard Candy is such a good movie. Re-watched it yesterday. Nathan wouldn't really watch it, said the subject matter was inappropriate. lol Well, duh. Kinda the point. There is just something so brilliant about a movie that can be so good and is only two actors in one room the entire time.

Hard Candy

I was also watching some more House today. Trying to give the show a very fair chance to make me like it. Its grown on me enough for me to not call it a "bad show" anymore. But its still not top of the list of shows I'd choose to watch. *shrug* Just not feeling it. Any House fans? What are some uber good episodes that maybe I should watch? I just watched the episodes in Season 1 "Poison" to "Detox". "Detox" was good. Tell the truth I don't even know why I "want" to like this show. Just so many people go on and on about it, I feel like I'm missing something. hahaha
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I do all that watching to catch up with the series Bones only to have President Bush delay the next episode another week. Fox should just air it after the President's "Goobye I'm no longer you're president" speech. Its only supposed to run 15-20 minutes. Seems easier to do that then postpone it a week and play back to back Bones episodes.


I wants me Bones!
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I finished the entire series of Angel. Watched the last episode about 30 minutes ago. It was heartbreaking, but in a good way. I thoroughly enjoyed that show, but despite the not so happy ending, it ended at a brilliant time. If it were to have come back for a season 6 or 7, I think it could have only gone downhill from what it had achieved in its seasons 3-5.

The show was good its first 2 seasons and then kicked it up a notch and really found its stride come the 3rd season. I couldn't stop watching once I hit mid-series.

Season 5 did throw me for a loop though. Not my favorite season overall, though it tried to battle its way back during the last half. With Wesley's character, omg. I love the character Angel, but I think other then Cordelia's character growth, Wesley is the character that grows the most throughout the show. Completely different from when he first came in, and in way that you can completely be explained. And Fred/Illyria thing, i liked.

I just thought there was so much change...too much from the previous season, and all in one big smack. No Cordelia, Wolfram and Heart, Spike and not to mention the constant references to crap happening on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a show that I did not watch, well...not in its last few years. So these references and characters that emerged, I just didn't know where they were coming from. Andrew, the guy from the Watcher's Council or clue. I felt that at the start of Season 5 I had missed about 4-5 episodes and had to catch up.

I wish that after having dug out of the shadow of its parent show, Angel should not have fallen back on so many Buffy pieces in its final season. And though funny, one of the last few episodes of the show has Angel & Spike in Italy chasing after Buffy. :/ Hilarious episode but *sigh* its Buffy again and right at the end of the series.

And fuck Buffy. Angel/Cordelia were such a good little OTP. gah! heartbreaking!

Sorry if anybody who reads this doesn't like Angel, but should go watch it.
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Maybe its cause its 4:45am, but I can't stop laughing for some reason at this little exchange between the characters Cam and Booth in Bones from the last episode in Season 3.

Just slightly out of context quote -

Cam: *on phone with Booth* "What's that sucking sound?"
Booth: "You know what, this is my house, ok! You come into my house there's no telling what you're going to hear!" *hangs up phone*

Cam stares at phone confused and then hangs up.

I don't know why, but I have tears in my eyes from that. I had to pause the episode so I could finish laughing.

I had a hot chocolate today. Been a very long time since I've had one of those. Never drank Hot Chocolate in Florida, too hot. But now that I'm in a colder climate hot chocolate is back! Yay!

2009!! YAY!

Jan. 1st, 2009 01:14 am
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2008 just flew by. Can't believe its gone. But I'm looking forward to the coming year and what it will bring. Hopefully it will bring a new job! woots!


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