Jan. 22nd, 2009 11:32 pm
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Spoilers and such below: Sorry, can't help it. I'm *squeeing*

That second episode of Bones, "Fire in the Ice", melted me into a fangirly puddle of *squee*. haha. Too cute for words. and finally Sweets is digging more at Booth's father issues. Booth's apartment! Booth and Brennan in Booth's apartment! HAHA! Wendell the intern is my favorite. Gah, settle on him already please! Hodgins likes him too! They went on an out of lab adventure!! And Brennan was too adorable with not understanding to encourage Wendell and running onto the ice after Booth went down. And the end, ice skating...subtle much Booth? He was all over Bones.

But I don't know what to make of these Booth hallucinations. Ok. Concussion. Alright. But he's supposed to have some kind of hallucination/imaginary friend from his army ranger days in "Hero in the Hold" too. A show that has never done the "look into characters thoughts" thing is all of a sudden throwing in Booth's inner a way. don't know about this.

I have a guesstimate on who Hodgin went on a date with. teeeheeeeheee. Not sure if I like it though.

Burn Notice: It definitely is a shadow compared to the awesomeness that was Bones tonight. But still a good episode. He was blown up and he's a mad!

I'm not used to watching either of these shows with commercials so I was a little thrown off. lol. but I couldn't wait.
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2 episodes of Bones, Burn Notice and 30 Rock! and Emily Deschanel was on Ellen earlier. Gah! *crushes* <3 <3 <3

I'm going to have to miss 30 Rock and watch it when it goes online though. :( :( Very sad that I no longer have a DVR.

But still! !!!! I is an excited little tv watcher.
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One episode at a time, I'm becoming more of a fan of the show "Burn Notice" on USA.

I never watched it before because the concept and trailers never seemed to interested me. Other then Bruce Campbell, nothing about the show seemed that good. And the lead actor has too many white teeth. LOL, if that can be taken as a good reason not to watch a show.

But...I must admit...I heard that zee Michael Shanks (aka Dr. Daniel Jackson on the show Stargate SG-1) was in an episode. So I'd the episode, liked it. Watched the next episode, liked it. Next episode...and now...I find myself going back to the beginning of the show to watch the entire series. Hmmmm.

And now, I might actually get Showtime in time for DEXTER!!!!!! Or at least...most of Dexter. I think the first episode aired already but I have already seen that episode anyway, so not missing anything. YAY! Apparently DirecTV is having some promotion with the computer game World of now Nathan thinks its worth getting DirecTV. LOL and he's getting a package that will include Showtime for me so I can watch Dexter. :) :)

In other news, I still haven't gotten a job here in Georgia since getting "fired" from Moe's. I dunno. *sigh* Its quite frustrating. Bills are coming up again.


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