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Got to watch the Dexter Season Finale last night. OOOH. good good

It was a very good episode, but seemed quite rushed. and i don't know if it had what you'd call a Finale Feel to it. but it wasn't disappointing. It still makes me super excited for next year. and I think its the first out of 3 finale's for the show that didn't end with a huge bang.

Can't wait til next season.

And now i have an admission. The other night when i couldn't sleep i was watching television and happened upon TNT which was showing old Angel episodes. I stopped and watched them. Like 3 episodes. lol and i enjoyed them. So now...i'm watching more. I feel this is becoming a guilty pleasure. :/ haha And weird thing is...I never watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer. *shrug*

Anybody else watch this show? want to tell me i'm not pathetic for liking it? haha
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My new favorite show to be added to the list of my favorite shows!

30 Rock. Oooh, soo funny and cute. Never watched it before a couple days ago. Now i've pretty much watched the entire series so far and I do like. :)

and DEXTER! omgz. I was liking this season so far, but it hasn't been the best and definitely no where near as good as the first season, but as of last week's episode, its gotten GOOD. OOH! i'm the edge of my seat like I was most of the first season. I needs to watch the new episode!

and gets cold in Atlanta.
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One episode at a time, I'm becoming more of a fan of the show "Burn Notice" on USA.

I never watched it before because the concept and trailers never seemed to interested me. Other then Bruce Campbell, nothing about the show seemed that good. And the lead actor has too many white teeth. LOL, if that can be taken as a good reason not to watch a show.

But...I must admit...I heard that zee Michael Shanks (aka Dr. Daniel Jackson on the show Stargate SG-1) was in an episode. So I'd the episode, liked it. Watched the next episode, liked it. Next episode...and now...I find myself going back to the beginning of the show to watch the entire series. Hmmmm.

And now, I might actually get Showtime in time for DEXTER!!!!!! Or at least...most of Dexter. I think the first episode aired already but I have already seen that episode anyway, so not missing anything. YAY! Apparently DirecTV is having some promotion with the computer game World of now Nathan thinks its worth getting DirecTV. LOL and he's getting a package that will include Showtime for me so I can watch Dexter. :) :)

In other news, I still haven't gotten a job here in Georgia since getting "fired" from Moe's. I dunno. *sigh* Its quite frustrating. Bills are coming up again.
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Two more days until the Season 2 Premiere of DEXTER.

So excited. I haven't really been unable to stop watching Season 1 since I bought it. I think I've watched it over at least three times between myself, my dad and uncle watching it. Soooo gooood.

In a more depressing avenue. About two weeks ago I started to re-read The Wheel of Times series which was written by the author who called himself Robert Jordan. There are eleven books in the series as of right now. He was writing one more, the last and final book. In late 2005 Robert Jordan got sick with some rare blood disease. Last week he died. I think he was only 50-something. 57 maybe. Something like that. A sad sad ordeal. And he loved this series he was writing and just as it was coming to a conclusion he was unable to finish it.

I hear that as he got sicker he wrote notes and relayed the plot to his wife and friend, but its not known if they'll finish the book.

I found it kind of terrible that a week after I start re-reading the series Robert Jordan dies. :( I'm very sad. I loved this series and personally feel its on the level of Lord of the Rings, just less commercially accessible.


Oct. 2nd, 2006 03:12 pm
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Dexter: Anybody watch the new Showtime series premiere of Dexter?

Showtime Site for Dexter

Katie and I watched it last night and I thought it was pretty good. Something different, that's for sure. It was very dark...but funny...and interesting.


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