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Ok, Ok. I'm just going to post my silly fanvid. Cause if I don't I'm going to stab myself. And probably just keep getting angry at it and editing it to the point that its just nonsense and wrong and then I'll cry cause its nowhere near what my mind envisioned.

You see how these things can get out of hand so quickly?

Title: Just One Trip
Fandom/Characters: Doctor Who, Tenth Doctor/Martha Jones
Description: It started out being Just One Trip, One Night. But everything escalated from there. In their adventures and journeys together a friendship and love grew. :)
Music: Heartbeats by The Knife
Spoilers: Through mid Season 4, I guess.
Disclaimers: I own nothing related to Doctor Who or its characters. I own nothing to do with the song "Heartbeats" or the band The Knife.
Thanks so much to [ profile] 65pigeons who gave this a few look overs. This video turned out so much better because of your input. Thank you, thank you, a million times over.

Just One Trip: Video and Downloads )
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HA! Finally! My first fully completed mood theme. And first ever animated one too. :) It took me about a week, and a good back.

I can't quite say what draws me to Ten & Martha so much but they took over my brain and wouldn't leave me alone until this was completed. I have fallen head over heals in love with Doctor Who and Martha still stands strong as my favorite companion so far. I'm sorry Donna.

All these moods are from Series 3 of Doctor Who. I tried my hardest to actually get each mood to have both The Doctor and Martha. Which actually became quite difficult because the last few episodes of the series The Doctor and Martha are split up a lot and there were some good moments.

Teasers and download / instructions under the cut.

Ten/Martha Mood Theme )
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Probably the last one of these you'll be seeing, since I've for the most part caught up with the show. Just one Christmas Special to watch and then I'm there. :) Oh, that makes me a little depressed. I hate reaching the end of shows and books. Almost as much as I hate waiting for new episodes of shows. grrrrr

Time For Doctor Who Recaps/Comments!!

Doctor Who: 4x10 - 4x13 )
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Blah. I haven't been sleeping well at all. Anyway...

Doctor Who Recap Time!

Doctor Who: 4x04-4x09 )
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Blarg Blarg Blargity Blarg.

Someone keeps putting their dog out on their patio and leaving it. So what does it do? It barks ALL NIGHT LONG. and that upsets my dog and he starts huffing and puffing back at the dog. *sigh*

Nathan is going to drag me to see "Race to Witch Mountain" or "Fast and Furious" tomorrow. I'm scared.

In other news! Its time for Doctor Who Recaps/Comments!! Yayayaya!

Doctor Who: 4x01 - 4x03 )

Doctor Who is taking over my icon space. The problem is...there are so many loveable characters. And so far 2 Doctors of AWESOME SAUCE! And so much potential Fangirly shippy-ness. This show is EVIL. But in a GOOD way.
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Well, apparently [ profile] 206_bones exploded today. Mods making crazy comments. I like that community well enough but sometimes it really is annoying.

Yay!! Time for the second half of my recaps/comments on Series 3 of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who: 3x08-3x13 )

And now soon off to Season 4. Some Catherine Tate!! ooooh.

I think How I Met Your Mother was on tonight too, I dunno. I've never watched it when it actually aired. I need to find the episode if it did.
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Okie Dokie. Here is a step into Season 3 of Doctor Who. I have finished watching the entire season but I can't do all 13 episodes in one post. That would make even my head explode. So I'm recapping/commenting on the first 7 episodes.

Doctor Who: 3x01 - 3x07 )

Oh dear, I think I made a huge mistake by putting animations on the side of my journal. I can't stop watching Cordy and Angel making out. I do need to get some John/Aeryn up there. Haven't gotten around to that yet.
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HIMYM: Little talk )

OK OK. I'm going to try and do a recap of the last few episodes of Season 2. Let's hope this makes sense. Once I get to 2x13, I cannot be held responsible if my sentences start to make absolutely no sense or logic.

Doctor Who:2x10 - 2x13 )


-- Murray Gold - Doomsday (Doctor Who Soundtrack)

In case you want to listen to a fantastic song that just might bring you to point of tears.
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Its time for Doctor Who recaps!

Doctor Who: 2x02-2x09 )

I have also decided to do something that I'm going to probably intensely regret. I am almost finished with this Cordy/Angel moodtheme. But now I'm thinking I want an animated moodtheme. Maybe that's a bad idea. But hmmmmm.. *ponders*

Doctor Who?

Mar. 6th, 2009 10:00 pm
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Ok. So how does this Doctor Who thing work?

Every new season there's a new Doctor? Or when/how do they determine a new Doctor?

I have never watched the show but I'm curious and that has always been a question of mine.


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