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Sports Authority Job: Well, I passed my drug test. Manager lady came into Pizza Hut yesterday and asked me to come in Tuesday at noon. So one day off from Pizza Hut this coming week I'm going to go into my new job.

I'm looking forward to it. I really I hope I enjoy it. I am wanting to like this job so much.

Food = Money: We went grocery shopping today and I actually have a little bit of food! Its amazing. Though I spent almost $60 and don't think I have enough to account for that much money. *shrug* Food is way too expensive.

Excercise Works: I took a run yesterday with Nelson and actually really enjoyed it. I think I may make that a regular thing. Because I can remember the days in the not so distant past when I was fast, when I could actually run a good distance without losing my breath, and when I was a very sporty person.

Fußball:I got tipped off to a program that will allow me to pretty much watch any Fußball game I want. Because the only channel I have, FSC, just can't play all the games I want to watch. I get to see the Germany game Wednesday on FSC though...and Arsenal's game this Saturday. So, I'm pleased about that. Though I would really love to see the France vs. Italy game on my television. I will have to make do with watching it on the computer or just getting updates on it. WORLD CUP REMATCH!...without all the World Cup...and a good number of the players/coaches. And I do have to keep a look out for Manchester United games for Katie...and I wouldn't mind watching them play at all.

Burns Hurt: I burned my arm yesterday at work. It wasn't too bad then. But now there is this huge red line running from above the inside of my elbow to the middle of my forearm. It looks kind of nasty now. Doesn't hurt though, thankfully.

Die Musik: Random selection of songs I've been freaking out over. A couple actually good, a couple are serious guilty pleasures.

Vans - The Pack

Idlewild Blues - Outkast

Pulling Shapes - The Pipettes

Public Affair - Jessica Simpson
This song just makes me freaking HAPPY! I can't frown while listening to this song! Sehr gut!

Everytime We Touch - Cascada
If you don't want to dance while listening to this song then you...are an evildoer! Tanzt! Tanzt! Tanzt!

Shine a Light - Wolf Parade


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