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Oh noes.

I thought I had escaped Fall Out Boy since I moved away from Katie. But it seems I could not get away. That little cover I downloaded last night pushed me to download some more Fall Out Boy. Now I'm dancing around in FoB shame. hahaha

They were and will always be a guilty pleasure. I don't care what anybody says or who you talk to!

I've been trying all day to find a program that will make good screencaps from shows I have on my computer. I can do excellent ones from shows I have on DVD. But I don't have everything I want screencaps from on DVD. :(

I started wearing earrings again yesterday. I haven't worn any in about 2 years. Now my ears are sore.


Jan. 21st, 2009 03:19 am
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I'm in a very musical mood. I went about getting a lot of music today and just listening. I give you some.

Zee Music!

--Fall Out Boy (feat. John Mayer) - Beat It (cover) : I just now listened to this song for the first time since I downloaded. bwah! Its awesome!!
--The Matches - Wake the Sun : This song just makes me sing along.
--Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko : This was a song that I couldn't get enough of a few months back and after finding it again today, its still the same. I can't get enough of it.
--Baz Luhrmann Presents - Happy Feet (High Heels Mix) : Another one that I couldn't stop playing a while back and it stands the test of time. I still LOVE it.
--Michael Buble - Feeling Good : Great Voice. James Bond Theme Feel. Goodness.
--Susan Enan (Feat Sarah Mclachlan) - Bring on the Wonder : Bones Original Television Soundtrack. Beautiful Beautiful song. Odd that a show that is for the most part pretty damn Hilarious and, light hearted in a strange way, that the soundtrack would be so full of beautiful.
--Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted to Dance : Contrary to the makes me want to dance. hehe. Loud and fun, like a lot of Mindless Self Indulgence songs.
--Juanes - A Dios La Pido : Spanish. I have no idea what the lyrics are or even what the title means. But this song makes me happy, so I'm probably better of not knowing. Its probably offensive. lol :p
--Gogol Bordello - American Wedding : Fun Fun and Funny song! Gogol Bordello is probably the most energetic band ever.
--April March - Chick Habit : This was on the soundtrack to Tarantino's "Death Proof" I believe. and if you listen to it you will definitely understand the usage that Tarantino gave it. This song is the AWESOME! even if you hate Tarantino, have to give him credit for picking some twisted fun music.

that's the end of this music spam. Its an eclectic mix, I know. But these are 10 songs of major FANTASTICNESS.

In other news. I cheated and saw the new episode of Bones - "Double Trouble in the Panhandle"! OOOh! sooo funny and cute. I don't feel too bad about watching it early because 1: The show is on Fox and I'm not used to watching shows with 30 minutes of commercials advertising the channel their on. 2. There's a 2nd episode of Bones on Thursday after "Double Trouble..." So I still get new stuff. :) :) And then there's a new episode of Burn Notice. Apparently Thursday is my television night. lol


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