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I'm bored and I was watching the new episode of Flight of the Conchords and then started listening to all their songs from their last season and live show. Decided to share some cause everybody needs to laugh.

Flight of the Conchords are two guys from New Zealand, a Comedy Musical Duo. They have a show on HBO where the integrate their songs and other comedy together. One of the funniest shows on televison, in my opinion.

Flight of the Conchords:

-- Sugah Lumps : From the newest episode.
-- Business Time : Oh Its Business Time! Most people's favorite Flight of the Conchord song. Hilarious
-- If You're Into It : <--Genius
-- Think About It, Think Think About It : Everybody needs to hear this one if they had to choose just one.
-- Prince of Parties : I don't think this song even made sense in the show but it was Hilarious and just listening to it today made me crack up.


Jan. 24th, 2009 11:32 pm
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Flight of the Conchords is back!!! Since I don't have HBO I had forgotten the season premiere was this last Sunday. Those guys are too funny.

"There are angels in the clouds...doing it."

30 Rock was fantastic this week! last week's episode seemed I don't know why really. It had its funny moments. But all the characters seemed separate. This week's was back to Jack/Liz and Tracy & Kenneth! lols. Jenna and Frank/writers were top notch funny as well.

I re-watched the Bones episode "Fire in the Ice" earlier. And if Hodgins and Wendell are not the cutest thing then I don't know what is. Pick Wendell you damn people in charge of things like that! Not to belittle the wonderful cute that was Hodgins and Zach...but if I can't have Zach, I will have Wendell! He thinks he's one of Booth's People! What's not awesome about that?? If I get another episode with Nigel-Murray just spouting random facts I'll cry. I'll cry sad tears of sad.

I'm off to take aspirin. I've had a terrible caffeine headache all day. I needs me some soda. blarg!


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