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Its time for icons! I haven't posted any in awhile and I would have liked a more varied set here but I thought since its been awhile I should unload these.

A couple of these are from some of the ones I made during that Request Meme. I don't want to make the icons I made people be less unique but a couple I felt safe to post anyway. ;) Please don't be angry with me.

Bones: 17
Doctor Who: 51


Icons of Important People )
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ICONS! Another group. I was planning on making an organized love filled group of Angel only icons. But half way through the Angel batch the new Bones episode aired. And I just had to icon. And now post.

Bones icons are from the new episode, Hero in the SPOILER ALARM! :)

Angel: 55
Bones: 35 (Hero in the Hold) *SPOILERS*


Icons of Superhero Belt Buckles! )
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ICONS! Lots of these icons may contain spoilers for some people. From the new episodes of 30 Rock and Bones.

30 Rock: 13
Angel: 16
Bones: 74


Icons of Circus Love )
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Icons!! My first icon post on this journal. Exciting. This batch isn't very large and not done really, but I need to post them because I'm probably going to be iconing the new episode of Bones and I don't want to put spoilery icons in with these. So no spoilers!!! Yay!

Angel: The Series: 4
Bones: 23


Icons of B&W Love )

x-posted on my icon journal: [ profile] lowdownbeat

And OMG! Looky at my icon! Haven't made a real animated icon in a LOOOONG time but [ profile] leviathan101 made one of that scene and I just couldn't not try my hand at it. This being the reason I had to post the other icons now. "Double Trouble in the Pandhandle" & "Fire in the Ice" is getting iconned!

To the Adobe!!
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Sigh, Just had to delete a bunch of my usericons cause I no longer have a paid account and i wanted to use some others that I wasn't able to use. :( :( its so hard to pick and choose which of those lovely icons gets to stay and which get to go.

They're all so perty!! gah! oh well


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