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Dog Park: Attempt #2: SUCCESS!!!

I decided to take Nelson back to the dog park when there were going to be less dogs. But when we got there he was getting all hyper over seeing the dogs. So I took him to a trail to walk him instead.

But after the trail I thought that I would try the dog park again. He didn't get so hyper this time and I let him in and put him in the little closed off room to take off his leash. And after seeing that he wasn't going nutso in the cage I let him out. And he did good!

Oh! I'm so happy for little Nelsito! He ran and sniffed and kind of played with dogs for over an hour. He was happy and it was good to let him really run around. He didn't play too much but I don't think he quite knows what he's supposed to do. He watched the dogs playing and would run over and then not know what to do after that. hehe. It was adorable.

He tried to mount a dog...and he's never done that to anything before. So that was weird.

Oh...and there was this guy! MMMMM....cutey. I was all about him! And he had this adorable little dog that nipped at Nelson's neck so conversation was started! haha. I began conversation a few times but I don't know if he was very interested...and I think he has a girlfriend...if not something more. Because he kept referring to "We" instead of "I". But he did approach me after a bit and kept talking and joking with me. ARGH! CUTEY! But Oh well, he was nice and helped me feel more comfortable with the whole dog park thing.
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Dog Park: Attempt #1: Well, first try at bringing Nelson to the dog park began pretty well but ended horribly. He barked when we got out of the car but then calmed down. The walk to the fence was good and he was met by two dogs leaving as he came in. He was very good with those dogs.

Then we got in the park and he was more distracted by the trees and benches than the dogs. The first couple dogs that approached him just sniffed about and Nelson did good. Then after about...five minutes Nelson started being a bitch. He was very jumpy and nervous.

I took him to a more empty part of the area and he was still jumpy with any dog that approached him. Then I put him in the little closed off time out room for dogs...and through the fence he began an aggressive barking fight with another dog. So...yeah.


Maybe next time I should try and tire him out a little before taking him and take him when there aren't as many dogs. And maybe with Katie also.


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