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Can I just say...I'm in love with Ben Browder. teehee!

I've finally admitted to myself that I'm totally in fangirly love with this man. I missed a good chunk of the last season or so of SG-1. And I was skeptical of his coming in and "taking over" for Richard Dean Anderson. I liked the SG-1 chemistry. But I'm going back and rewatching some and watching some of Season 9 for the first time and as the Season goes on I like him in the role more and the season goes on his Cameron Mitchell distances slowly from his John Crichton meets Cameron Mitchell. Anyway...sorry. This is slightly off topic of what I wanted to originally talk about.

SG-1: ...I've got Season 9 from Netflix to waste some of my night time away. And now that I've watched four straight episodes I'm not tired and I'm bored. And I don't want to watch another episode because SG-1 has just lost Vala and episode or two ago...and I miss Daniel/Vala banter. *slumps defeatedly* Bring me my Daniel/Vala banter of lurve!

In other news: I need a new mood theme. Yes. Yes, I do. I still love the Green Day...but somehow I feel I've outgrown it a bit. If that makes sense.

The National: News seems to be come hard and fast......well...its coming in a steady dose of awesome at least! A film/photography guy by the name of Vincent Moon...who's filmed some National videos and other oddities has filmed a little film which includes The National while filming their upcoming album! OH, I'm excited!

You can see some films that he likes to call "Un Concert A Emporter"...or "A Take Away Show"...where he's filming they play songs in random places. Its cool.

Concert a Emporter

In The National front, I also was given links to two songs I've never been able to get my hands on before from a generous person over at The National Forum. One happens to be The National performing a cover of "Clampdown" by The Clash.

Clampdown - The National
Clamdown - The Clash

Nelson Dog: The Nelson was said to be doing fine at the vet. I got a call around 2pm and he was reported with no problems. He was doing so well they thought it just easiest to keep him overnight because he wasn't causing chaos with his fellow boarded dogs. So, we will pick him up tomorrow afternoon. My dad called earlier asking about Nelson. dad is so sweet. :) :)


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