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I just finished watching Season 10 of Stargate SG-1. Yes, a little behind. I never got a chance to watch the entire thing since I started working SciFi Friday's and well, lost track of where I was in the show. lol And have had nowhere near enough money to purchase the Season.

But I've finished it. And it endeared me more to the new characters...season 9 I was a little iffy with the whole Cam Mitchell and Landry...well, I always liked she could stay. But oh my dears! I started to like Mitchell a bit and Landry grew on me too. Really too bad the show was cancelled, not sure as to the reason...been on too long, just the time to end it or SciFi didn't want to pay for it anymore. But at least there are the little movies...have to go rent Ark of Truth now.

And as a Daniel/Vala shipper...I was thoroughly pleased and angry at the events of the last episode of the series, "Unending". Those Stargate Bastards! They gave us everything...and then snatched it away!! Just so typical of Stargate. grrrrrrrr

I also recently watched the Sex in the City movie, which was hilarious. But did anybody else who watched it notice the boom hanging down in view in a couple seens with Carrie and Big? I think they may have edited it out after the first week of release or something. But the entire theater of people i saw it with noticed it and just couldn't stop laughing during a serious scene. :( kinda hurt the movie


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