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Watford 1 : 2 Arsenal: Well, didn't get to watch the Arsenal game until a couple hours ago. I purposely didn't spoil myself so I could enjoy it. I've come to kind of like the little Watford team so I felt bad that I'd be rooting against them...but Arsenal need a freaking WIN! They can't afford any more draws or Watford.

Anyway, the game was entertaining. A nailbiter from early on because Arsenal were having trouble coping with the determination of Watford and after gaining a lead and then losing it...that only spurred Watford's hunger to win even more. Arsenal played well, some frustration was apparent...Mr. Toure...Mr. Lehmann...tsk tsk. A few moments of constant Watford pressure almost got to Lehmann at one point because it was throw-in, corner, corner, throw-in...they couldn't get the ball out of their half and Lehmann finally got his wits and plucked the ball out of the air and then went to kick it away and kicked it right into a player. *le sigh*

I have to say that I'm in love with Gilberto right now. He's been playing brilliantly. Adebayor once again worked his ass off. Walcott came on to once again put some spring in Arsenal's lagging step. Watford's keeper, Foster, was very excellent. There was no stopping Van Persie's sucks for him.

So, anyway. Arsenal won. Chelsea tied and Liverpool lost. So Arsenal move up to third. If only Manchester United had lost or drawn as well. Oh well. Good enough for today. :)

Speaking about Chelsea's draw. Sheesh! I was listening to it on the radio ...and I don't know. It seemed Drogba was ready to play but who knows about the rest of the team. I really really want to see the Cole/Essien own goal. I hear it was mainly blamed on Cole, but came off Essien. Other then that moment, Chelsea had that game won. They lost the game for themselves.

In other news. One more day at work and then I have a couple days off. Don't know what I'm going to do. But I really want to sleep in. I'm tired. I don't really know why, but I guess my tiredness has something to do with my place in life at the moment. Career wise...I'm not very motivated. And that means little motivation in much else since I have to spend so much time at work. *sigh*

Nelson is being stupid. On Christmas Eve he ate threw the electrical cord to our Christmas lights on the little fake tree we have in the living room. It kinda...hurt our Christmas spirit. *glares* Stupid Dog.
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Arsenal vs. Portsmouth: I HATE YOU ARESENAL! GAH!

*tears out hair*

Another draw. Come from behind. At home. Arsenal are going to be the death of me.

I didn't get to watch the game. *sigh* But I can picture it in my mind. Arsenal running around passing it like pretty boys until Portsmouth starts scoring. And then...RALLY! And Arsenal finally get to some attacking and actually score. It doesn't have to be the team on top of the table to actually show up and play aggressively! sheesh

I just don't know why they can't play the first half like they seem to play the second half of games.


Tomorrow. Cheslea are gona lose! Manchester United are also going to lose! JA!

*stares in dreamy state*

Work: Nicole started talking to me at work today. Its the first time she's actually "talked" to me since her boyfriend went crazy and got himself fired by screaming at me. Weird.

Katie called Vespa today and Lumberjack answered his phone. Does anybody think that's a bit...weird? I won't even answer Katie's phone. But then, I'm not a crazy Lumberjack. Anyway, Vespa finally got around to calling Katie back only to tell her that he was on his way to the Emergency Room. he had taken Lumberjack's bike to get Lumberjack some Jagermeister and ended up wrecking because he didn't know the bike didn't have brakes. So I guess he fucked up his arm and head. Poor guy. :( :( That sucks. And Katie can't even cash in on her Snuggle Call this weekend. :(

To tell the truth, I was kind of hoping she would go hang out over there and I'd have almost a couple days to hang out at the apartment and chill. :(
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New Roof: Our Apartment complex is remodeling a little bit. One of the things they are doing is giving every building a new roof. Which is cool. Well, kind of.

I was woken up today by hammering above my head. I'm freaking out for a second until I see ladders outside my window and pieces of building falling from the sky. I remember the notice we had gotten from the apartment complex and settled back into bed. But still, new roof means you're not going to get too much sleep. :\

And now I've found eight roofing nails scattered along the walk way and stairs while leaving and coming home. One of those eight I found after it had gone through my shoe and between my toes. FUN! Gah.

Work: Katie officially quite Pizza Hut today. *sigh* Means work is going to be a whole hell of a lot worse then its been. I told Peter that after the Christmas week I don't want to be a shift manager anymore but instead want to become a full time driver. I don't think he quite grasped the idea that I meant I don't want any more management shifts. *double sigh*

I need to get a new calendar.

Sheesh. What happened to 2006? It flew by. I seemed like just yesterday I was out trying to get my Jeep and working at 7-11...and dealing with that idiot Mobile Man Steve.

Almost a year later...I no longer have Tempo (my first car), I have a dog, I got my first credit card, Bought my first bed, I'm at the equivalent of a four year old in German, I've become a soccer fanatic, I've seen tons of new bands, met some awesome people and am now through three "relationships". And millions of those little moments that you can't think as monumental, but are...

It wasn't my most exciting year, I'm sure. But it was a year full of big moments. Moments that already have and will continue to have a lasting effect on my life. Some grown-up moments.

And now a new year is coming and unlike last year, I'm heading into it unsure and with slightly less financial stability. But figuring this stuff out is where it gets fun, right?


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