greatbriton: (ANGEL Rainbow)
2008-12-26 05:40 pm
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After Christmas Best Buy Adventure

Little Advice.

Don't go to Best Buy the day after Christmas. lol

I got a $25 gift card to Best Buy from my uncle this Christmas and for some reason decided it would be a good idea to go to Best Buy. *sigh* so crazy. Too many people. Took 15 minutes just to find a parking space. I ended up getting Angel Season 4. Well, I wanted Season 2 of Bones more but it was more money then my gift certificate and all the seasons of Angel were on sale for only $17 each. not bad. Even though their website said the First Season of Bones was only like $25, it lied to me. fail boats. and I kinda talked Nathan out of getting me anything for Christmas cause I can't get him anything and it'd make me feel bad cause he's already done so much for me. So I wouldn't let him buy me anything.