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Wigan vs. Arsenal: Arsenal WON! Yay!

The game was anything but exciting though, especially compared to the high energy game between Chelsea and Arsenal. Katie and I went down to the Cricketer's Arms to watch the game. And for the first time I had to watch the Arsenal game in the corner because the Chelsea game was on the big screen and on the television by the bar because that's where the owner and his friends like to sit. *sigh*

Anyway. The first half was...BORING! gar! I felt like it was that Champions League game all over again, both teams playing for a draw. GUH! Like Arsenal don't realize they need to WIN a lot or even Chelsea will be completely out of reach. Anyway, the second half got a little more exciting. Well, there were at least some attempts on goal. So many chances with Arsenal sitting on top of the Wigan goal and then somehow the ball ended up...somewhere other than the goal. Wigan also had some good attempts, none converting to goals because at least one person on Arsenal's defense was awake...thank you Mr. Lehmann. sheesh. I thought Baptista had a good game...well, he had a few attempts on goal that seemed to be the only life in Arsenal's offense for awhile. And I liked seeing Walcott getting some time. It wasn't the most entertaining game but Arsenal won

Chelsea vs. Newcastle United: I watched this game out of the corner of my eye. It was more exciting than the Arsenal game. From what I could see Chelsea were having a few...converting problems...much like Arsenal. hehe. And Newcastle were doing decent to keep it level. But Drogba came on late in the game and apparently...Drogba is Chelsea's big gun. He comes on and a few minutes later, GOAL! He's doing great...but I would like to see if anybody other than Drogba could score. heh. And I've yet to be able to watch a game where Shevchenko scores. :(

And I wasn't...rooting for Chelsea really. I just...wanted some of their players to do good. Because I can't root for them. Arsenal need to catch up with them and the only way they can do that is if Chelsea lose some games. So...I'm kind of bummed Chelsea won. But Arsenal lost no ground. So I guess its ok.

Talladega Nights: I totally bought Talladega Nights on dvd. Oh...its so brilliant. I'm slightly disappointed with the Gag Reel special feature. Kind of lacking considering the actors in the movie...but I didn't buy it for the special features. Genius Movie.

Katie got hired at Starbucks. She's quitting Pizza Hut tomorrow. Which means I'm gonna get discount coffee! YES! She went in for an interview a couple weeks ago and I bought this drink that sounded good. Iced White Chocolate Mocha. OMG! A little taste of Heaven. Now I'm addicted to it. And need more. And I can get some...especially since the other Starbucks connection I know of dumped me. This works out perfectly! :) :)


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